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​Patent and Technology

  • Food/pharmaceutical grade varnish (avoid contact with printed surfaces)

  • Antimicrobial nanomaterials (to prevent mold and bacteria)

  • Nanocoatings (food storage)

  • Food-grade patented paper coatings (safe contact with food and pharmaceuticals)

  • Print materials free of paper pulp and petrified substance (environmentally-friendly)

We use patented packaging materials to ensure consumers’ safety of delivered food/ pharmaceuticals

  • Impressive ink saturation and improved imaging

We use high-definition Flexographic printing technology

The first copy and the final products are of identical quality

  • We offer thorough quality inspection record


Certificate Number: M540837



ISO 9001:2015
Quality Management System Certification


ISO 14001:2015
Environmental Management System Certification

The Difference between Howard and Conventional Printing Technology


Lower cost

Hydrophilic antimicrobial coatings and green materials

Only a thin layer of frost and fog formed on the surface after 10 minutes at room temperature after freezing

Howard Patented Waterproof Material
Greaseproof and freeze-proof coating

  • Waterproof, greaseproof, moisture-proof, and freeze-proof

  • Recyclable material

  • Certified for food safety from the EU, the material is safe for direct food or beverages contact and is harmless to the human body.

  • It has a delightful look on par with polypropylene coatings but with lower cost!

Traditional PE Coated Paper

  • Food and beverages contact material with waterproof, greaseproof, moisture-proof, freeze-proof, and other properties

  • The coating is made from melted granulated polyethylene with plasticizer; therefore PE coated paper can’t be recycled as paper!

  • Polyethylene contains plasticizer and perfluorooctanoic acid, both of which would gradually melt when having contact with acidic, high-fat foods and beverages or when the temperature reaches 60°C. These cancer-causing substances will easily dissolve in food or beverages, and become harmful to the quality of paper products as well as the human body.


Higher cost

Coated product made of non-eco-friendly materials

Condensed water droplets formed on the surface after 10 minutes in room temperature after freezing

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